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School Uniform within JTMAT Schools – A Policy Statement


It is important that pupils in John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust schools feel a sense of belonging and community through a smart and practical uniform. We believe a uniform allows all pupils, regardless of background, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance. We also believe it is important for activities to be facilitated by specialised and appropriate clothing such as sports-specific attire.

Furthermore, we are committed to promoting equality and value for money, and to ensuring that no pupil is unfairly discriminated against.


In this context, we make all reasonable endeavours to support the Department for Education’s non-statutory guidance (published November 2021) advising on access to, requirements for, and the costs associated with, school uniform. 

Our schools, of differing characters and compositions, are all “uniformed” schools.  Each school, through its leaders and governing bodies, sets expectations and articulates what items are and are not acceptable.  They also, through their procedures – including behaviour policies and disciplinary policies – outline the measures to be taken should pupils not meet those expectations.  The Trust supports our schools in this also.


To support our children and their families, our schools:

Endeavour to keep uniform costs reasonable by not insisting on unnecessary items, avoiding frequent changes and providing “lead in” time where possible, and through working (again where possible) with a range of suppliers to offer competitive price points for families. 

Specifically, our schools look to minimise a reliance on ‘branded’ items (although recognising the value that is derived from a sense of pride in the school, and making its pupils clearly identifiable to their communities).

Our schools support families wishing to access second-hand garments as cheaper and more environmentally-sustainable alternatives to new purchases.


Schools seek to ensure inclusion through stipulating any and all uniform items as being acceptable to any and all pupils of the appropriate age in the school.


Specific school uniform information is published on each school’s own website, with this Trust-wide Policy Statement appended to it.  Please consult with the school website for further information on uniform requirements, the management of non-compliance and the management of complaints.


Uniform requirements specific to Rykneld Primary School


We are very proud of our school uniform and it is the expectation of the school that all children wear school uniform unless otherwise directed. We hope that parents feel that they can fully support us in this respect. As a school, uniform provides the children with a sense of pride, belonging and identity.


The uniform at Rykneld Primary is based on the school colour of red and the Governors and Staff encourage the following:

Black/grey trousers

Black/grey skirt

Black/grey pinafore

White shirt/polo shirt with collar

Red jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan (with or without school logo)

Summer dress for the warmer months

A black or red hijab headscarf if necessary

White or grey socks

Grey tights

Suitable dark coloured shoes


P.E Kit

Black shorts

White t-shirt (with or without school logo)

Black pumps or trainers

Plain black or grey tracksuit (Sweatshirt/hoody/tracksuit trousers for colder months

For swimming (Years 4 &5): one piece costume or trunks, cap and towel

Shin pads (KS2)
Gum shields (KS2)



We actively discourage the wearing of jewellery in school other than plain ear studs.It is County and School Policy that jewellery may not be worn for PE or swimming lessons.

Earrings must be removed and replaced by the child before and after PE. Staff may not help. Younger children often find it easier not to wear earrings on PE day. The safest place is at home. Watches must be removed by the child before PE and are the responsibility of the child, not the teacher.


Please ensure that all items of clothing for both the uniform and the PE kit are fully labelled with your child’s name.