Primary School

A partner school within the John Taylor MAT




I would like to welcome you to Rykneld Primary School. As I start my first year as head teacher at Rykneld, I am amazed and thrilled to see the passion and enthusiasm from all of our adults in school towards caring, supporting, nurturing and educating our children. We all love to see our children succeed but here at Rykneld, we like to enrich our children through the exciting curriculum that we offer, both in and outside of the classroom.

As a school, we pride ourselves in placing children at the centre of all that we do, focusing on their academic and personal development and reaching their potential in both. We love our school and are very proud of our achievements. We place great importance on learning and creating a learning community for children and adults alike.

We are a highly inclusive school and make sure that everyone can succeed in a place where they feel safe, happy and well. Safeguarding children is very, very important to us. We take great care in making sure that our policies reflect our practice and procedures.

Children have a voice at our school. They are encouraged to help make decisions about changes we make. Some children are chosen, through a democratic election, to be on the School Council, become digital leaders, sports ambassadors, anti-bullying ambassadors, librarians as well as other forms of representative opportunities.

I have an open door policy and you will always be welcome here. Come and see what we are and what we do!

Mr. R. Cruise



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