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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 page!


Year 3 have had an incredibly busy start to the school year and have really taken the opportunity to develop their skills across the whole curriculum. As part of their studies about the Romans, the children posed as Romans and drew each other in Art, developing their sketching skills and understanding of proportion. 


British Values Week

During British Values week, we learnt about the rule of law.  We thought about the rules we have in school and at home and how they help us to develop as members of society.

 During PE, the children enjoyed a lesson where the teacher changed the rules. This helped them to understand how rules help to keep things fair and safe. The pupils were rather distressed when the rules for snakes and ladders were changed. It helped them to realise that rules help to make games fair for all who are playing and to have winners by the end.


Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week we thought about how bullying might make us feel and made posters to help others understand how hurtful it can be. This supported our work in Computing, learning about online bullying.


Natural Disasters Launch Day

The children enjoyed launching our theme by creating artwork of a natural disaster of their choice using watercolours. They also had the opportunity to design and make structures to withstand an earthquake before testing them by wobbling them on some jelly.  They found that triangles were the strongest shape during a jelly-quake! As part of this them, the children produced some amazing homework projects.

In Science and PSHE, the children have also enjoyed learning about food that helps to create a balanced meal. They made healthy eating plates, to help them understand the different food groups and the proportion amounts for each. In addition Year 3 have been learning about forces. A game of bingo was played to help them to understand the differences between pushing and pulling forces.




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