Primary School

Year 6

Shugborough Residential

Well done to all of our Year 6 pupils who had a fantastic week at Shugborough. As well as enjoying a variety of exciting activities (caving, BMXing, climbing and fire lighting, to name a few), the children behaved extremely well, collaborated positively and represented the school superbly!


School of Rock Launch

Year 6 have launched their new Summer theme - School of Rock. All the children came dressed as a rock or pop star for the day - even the teachers came as the Spice Girls!



Year 5 and 6 are currently rehearsing for their Summer production. Please see below for the song lyrics.

Song 1: Room Enough for Everyone

Song 2: All I Need is a Song

Song 3: Poptastic

Song 4: The Roadies Song

Song 5: I See the Sun Go Shining

Song 6: You're Always on the Phone

Song 7: Seismic Shudder

Song 8: Shooting Star

Song 9: I'm a Rich Man

Song 10: Zero to Hero

Song 11: Once Upon a Time

Song 12: I Never Left Your Side

Song 13: Together We Can Climb the Highest Mountain


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