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Year 4

National Justice Museum

Climbing on board the coaches, Year 4 couldn’t wait to see what the National Justice Museum had in store for them, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Whilst there, the children morphed into Victorian Crime Stoppers, finding clues to get to the bottom of a terrible crime and identify the culprit. They were wowed by the museum’s original courtrooms, dungeons and prison cells, and met a variety of colourful, historical characters, each with different stories of justice to tell. A fantastic day was had by all!




Vicious Vikings

Year 4 had a fantastic day launching their new theme, ‘The Vicious Vikings’. Channelling their inner artist, the children learnt about Viking long ships and then recreated their own in collage form. Later on in the day, the children began to create their own Viking helmets. When completed, they can’t wait to wear them during a special day, later on this term.


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