Primary School

Year 4

Around the World in 80 Days Homework Project

The children in Year 4 were set the task of creating a project based around their theme – Around the World in 80 Days. Once complete, the children got the opportunity to present their work to their peers, and parents were invited into school to celebrate the children’s hard work and efforts. It was wonderful to see the different interpretations of the task. The children made: models, large posters, PowerPoint presentations, games, created artwork and baked. It was lovely to have parents in school and there was a real buzz across both classrooms. Our next homework project will be completed in the spring term – well done Year 4 and thanks to the parents for coming in to have a look at the work last week.




Year 4 had a fantastic time at Conkers for their Stone Age Experience Day. They were entertained by a performance from a Cave Man, who was able to show them what their day would have been like in the Stone Age. The children had the opportunity to learn from real archaeologists about how they made their weapons, how to trade goods and how difficult it was to collect water and grind grains to make flour. All the children enjoyed the chance to gain hands on experience and hold real artefacts.  



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