Primary School

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Year 3

Who Dunnit? - The Case of the Stolen Laptop

Year 3 have become detectives this half term and have been asked to help the police investigate the case of the stolen laptop. Using their scientific skills, they carried out chromatography, fingerprint matching and shoe scraping analysis to discover who committed the crime. The children enjoyed testing out their theories and reporting back to the chief of police with their findings. Then then acted from an anonymous tip off and followed a series of compass directions to locate the laptop and return it to its owner.


The Ruthless Romans

As part of their work during the Autumn term, the children in Year 3 have been learning about the Romans. We were fortunate enough to have a fabulous workshop where they met a Roman slave trader and performed short scenes from Roman times as part of a theatre workshop. They used drama, freeze frames and role play to learn about life for the Romans. They also had the opportunity to meet a consul from Rome who needed help building Hadrian’s wall and defeating the Celts. A wonderful time was had by all of the children.


Natural Disasters Launch Day

To start the new year, Year 3 children had to dress up as if they had been involved in a natural disaster. As part of the day's activities they made spaghetti structures in jelly to see if they could withstand an 'earthquake', painted tsunami watercolours, made their own jigsaws of the continents and made volcano pictures interactive using the iPads. The children learnt lots of information that will help them throughout the half term.

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