Primary School

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Year 3


Year 3 pupils really enjoyed their launch day for their new theme 'WhoDunnit', solving the case of the stolen laptop. The children completed a range of scientific investigations to help solve the crime. They investigated fingerprint patterns, used chromotography to see who wrote a note in the staffroom and tested shoe scrapings from all of the suspects to help them solve the crime. All of the children throughly enjoyed testing out their theories and reporting back to the chief of police with their findings.





Rotten Romans

The children in Year 3 throughly enjoyed their launch day for their new theme Rotten Romans. They all came dressed up in fantastic outfits! The children had the chance to experience a day in the life of a Roman school child, make their own Roman shields and investigating which items archaeologists would still be able to find today. They have followed this up during the half term by looking in more depth at the life of a Roman soldier, writing their own non-chronological reports. The children have explored where the Romans invaded in both Britain and the rest of Europe as well as learning about their famous battle with the Celts and Boudicca.

We also took a trip to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester where the children had the chance to dress up in replica armour and march the streets of Chester. Being drilled by their sergeant, they practised battle formations in the ampitheatre before returning back to the museum to participate in workshops and handle artefacts. The children had a fantastic time!


Natural Disasters

The children have completed a variety of learning experiences during this theme. They have focused in particular on hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. We have plotted their locations on co-ordinates maps, learnt about the Ring of Fire and created our own dramatic natural disaster music. The children have also created pieces of volcano pop art inspired by Andy Warhol. We are particularly proud of the children's homework projects that they have completed this half term. Have a look below!

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