Primary School

Year 3

Savage Stone Age

Year 3 pupils really enjoyed their launch day for their new theme 'Savage Stone Age'. The children were able to immerse themselves in Stone Age life. All pupils were able to make their own mud paint before using them to paint cave walls, design and make Stone Age jewellery, construct tools and weapons as well as completing a treasure hunt to find facts about their life. They will continue to take a tour of the Savage Stone Age with Rattus Rattus from the Horrible Histories videos.

Year 3 pupils have completed their fantastic Stone Age homework projects over half term and a couple of examples can be seen below. We are sure that Year 3 parents will enjoy looking at the children's projects after school on Friday 10th March.



Year 3 had a fantastic time at Conkers for their Stone Age Experience Day. They were entertained by a performance from a Cave Man, who was able to show them what their day would have been like in the Stone Age. The children had the opportunity to learn from real archaeologists about how they made their weapons, how to trade goods and how difficult it was to collect water and grind grains to make flour. All the children enjoyed the chance to gain hands on experience and hold real artefacts.  



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