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Year 2

Pirate Day

Captain Burwash came to visit our school to tell us all about how to be a pirate and what life on board a ship would be like. He asked us to make our own Jolly Roger that would scare off other ships and to advertise for a crew for his ship. We all enjoyed listening to stories about Captain Blackbeard, looking closely at weapons pirates would have used such as a musket and a cutlass.

Vile Victorians

On the run up to Christmas, year 2 were busy learning all about the Victorians. We enjoyed dressing up as Victorians and fully immersed ourselves into Victorian life. We got to experience life as a Victorian child in school, in a P.E lesson where we took part in drills and in a workhouse.

We were very impressed with everyone’s efforts for their homework projects when looking at all the inventions that were invented during the Victorian era.

To end our theme, we learned some new skills to create a Victorian soup fit for a Queen. We learned how to chop, peel and grate vegetables and ate this at our banquet where we learnt how to Waltz.


The Land Before Time

As part of our launch day, we became palaeontologists. We looked at different coprolite (fossilized faeces) and looked at what we could see. We discussed whether these dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores based on their diet and then used a classification sheet to find out what group they belonged to.

After researching the different periods when dinosaurs were around, we have started to create our own landscapes thinking about the geographical aspects of each period in the Mesozoic era.

We also imagined we were archaeologists and used a brush to find bones to create our own dinosaur pictures.

We also explored different types of fossils and created these out of salt dough.


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