Primary School

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Year 1

Seaside Explorers

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their Seaside Explorers topic. They have immersed themselves in all aspects of the curriculum including making model sea creatures from clay in art and designing and building a working lighthouse model, combining their DT and science knowledge to make their final product. They played seaside games on their launch day, visited the ice cream van, built sandcastles and took a barefoot walk. A fantastic half term was had by all!




Land Before Time

The children in Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their work on dinosaurs this half term. They have been learning names of different dinosaurs, whether they are carnivores or herbivores and describing their body parts. They have had a fantastic visitor 'Dino Mike' who told them all sorts of fun facts about dinosaurs. The children have also made their own dinosaur scones and jeeps and much much more!


How Does your Garden Grow Theme Day

We have had a very busy day planting sunflower seeds and designing a label for the pots. We have been on a scavenger hunt looking for things that are alive and growing. We have  spent time carefully harvesting vegetables from the garden and removing the weeds to make the ground ready for more vegetables. We worked as a team to create three scarecrows to scare the birds away from our seeds. We also created our own nature book marks made from natural items that we found around the school grounds. We have had a fabulous launch day.




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